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    What is a bulk order:

    Bulk orders must consist of 10+ items of the same style and colour. The order may consist of different sizes within the 10 minimum, to accommodate a small businesses and sport teams.


    How do I place/enquire about bulk orders?

    For all questions about bulk orders or to receive a quote for an order, send an email to, and we will get in contact with you and let you know if we can provide what you have requested. Once this occurs we will send through a quote.

    When emailing please include as many details in regards to your order as possible:

    • Quantities (must be 10+), including how many of each size
    • Colourway
    • Include the URL of the product
    • Address order will be sent
    • The date you require the order to arrive by
    • Contact details of person/company making the order


    Do you send samples:

    We do not offer samples currently. However, if you require a sample before ordering please place an order directly through our online store. We offer a 30-day free return/exchange policy if the item is incorrect.


    Do you offer embroidery or printing on items?

    We are unable to offer any embroidery or modifications to the products. However, we can ship your items directly to an embroiderer/ printer of your choice.


    Can I order items that are out of stock?

    If a particular item is out of stock we can potentially re-order the item. This will be dependent on what product you are ordering; what time of year; and when you require the product. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


    What happens after I place my order?

    After you have received the quote and decided to proceed with the order, we will email through an invoice. Once this has been received you can put your payment details in manually.

    Following receipt of your payment, the order will be processed and shipped. You will receive email notifications with receipt of payment and tracking information once the order has been shipped.



    Do we send bulk orders internationally?

    We consider and process international bulk orders on a case-by-case basis.


    What is the cost of shipping:

    We offer complimentary shipping Australia wide. For international orders, this will be assessed depending on which country the order is being shipped to.


    How will my order be sent?

    Your order will be sent through Toll or Australia Post. This will be judged case-by-case depending on the size of the order.

    Orders sent through Toll take from 2-7 working days to arrive, depending on where in Australia they are being delivered.

    Orders sent through Australia Post delivery times may vary depending on where in Australia they are sent. To view, Australia Post estimated delivery times you can visit our delivery page, or visit Australia Post directly.


    Can I return all or part of my bulk order?

    We do not accept returns on a bulk order, therefore we do encourage you to purchase samples of the product directly through the website before making your bulk order.



    Will I receive a discount on my bulk order?

     We do offer discounts on our bulk orders. However, this is dependent on a variety of factors. Including the number of items ordered, sizes, colour and product.

    Once we have acquired all the necessary information we will determine an appropriate discount for your order.


    How do I pay for my order?

    After everything is approved we will send you an invoice which will allow you to put your card details in safely and securely. We do not need your bank details at any time throughout this process.